The Top 5 Best Recent Games (series):

1: Halo

2: Skyrim

3: Final Fantasy

4: Legend of Zelda

5: Portal 2

Greetings people of the internet, what you see before you is my personal opinion on some of the videogmes I consider of a higher quality and stand out amongst the rest right now. Even if you don't agree with the way I have ranked these games, I guarantee that you will thoroughly enjoy playing any one of the games on this list. A lot of you will probably criticise me for not having added popular games such as Call of Duty or Battlefield, but I repeat: this is my personal opinion and if you can't deal with that then suck my numnumnums.

I have ordered the 5 games I have chosen by order of preference from best to slightly-less best, I will give a brief description of each game, why and like it and a rating based on points, so just sit back, and leisurely peruse some of the most badass games there are on offer at the moment. Also, I should note that my review is of current games of the last few years/months, I haven't included any "classic" games such as Diablo, Duke Nukem or fucking Pac Man, for as great as they might have been at the time, in comparison to what we have now - they're shit.

The first game we'll be taking a look at is the mighty Halo - anyone who disses it can suck my... oh I already said that - well, you get the picture.

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